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September 20, 2009
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Posca Mad Thrasherz by sweeep Posca Mad Thrasherz by sweeep
Please read below before downloading. This font is available to download here : [link]

Merci de lire ci-dessous avant de télécharger. Cette police est disponible au téléchargement ici : [link]


Hi, thanx for downloading POSCA MAD THRASHERZ!
If you plan to use it for commercial purpose, please drop me a line at daaams[AT] !
I can add Lowercase characters and Alternates to the font.

You can use it for free for your personnal use only, and you can make any donation on paypal to daaams[AT] (and don't hesitate to send me samples of your work, made with this font).

You're not authorized to modify or sell this font.
Please always keep this Read_me file with the font.

daaams[AT] | [link]


Merci d'avoir téléchargé POSCA MAD THRASHERZ !
Si vous voulez vous en servir à des fins commerciales, merci de me contacter par mail à daaams[AT] !
Je peux ajouter les bas de casse (caractères minuscules) et des caractères alternatifs à la police.

Vous pouvez l'utiliser gratuitement à but personnel uniquement et vous pouvez toutefois me faire un don à daaams[AT] ! (n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer vos boulots faits avec ma police, ça m'interesse !).

Vous n'avez pas le droit de modifier ni de vendre cette police.
Merci de toujours laisser ce fichier Read_Me avec la police.

daaams[AT] | [link]
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iZombieReaper Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
Can I use this for my .pdf Zombie guide/story? It's only going to be published on dA until I can get it published somewhere small :/
I'll give you credit, but it matches my MC too well xD
sweeep Featured By Owner May 6, 2011
ok go for it ! and please send me the pdf !
lere Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010
Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for ;p
Girianelli Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
Thank you Sweeep! It's just what i need for a revolutionare marriage invite.
arselife Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
thanks [link]
arselife Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
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